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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I move SNMPc to a different computer?
  • What TCP ports does SNMPc use?
  • Why doesn't my old serial number work with a new SNMPc?
  • Why aren't my icons being polled?
  • Why are my reports not saving data?
  • How can I see the status of my ports?
  • How do I set up Manual Threshold Alarm?
  • What MIBs are included in STANDARD.MIB?
  • Why doesn't ICMP (Ping) polling work?
  • Why are my reports showing over 100% utilization?
  • Why isn't discovery finding all my nodes?
  • Why aren't my paging events going out?
  • Why are my SQL Server export tables empty?
  • Why does update complain tasks are running?
  • Why won't backups/web export work on a network drive?
  • Why is my NT 4.0 server rejecting polls?
  • Why do my event filters disappear after an upgrade?
  • Why does SNMPc OnLine show Database Error message?
  • Why do I get a 'License Object Limit Reached' message?
  • Why are events going to the wrong icons?
  • What to do with error -5006:0x80004005 during install?
  • Why are there strange characters in the email subject?
  • Why can't SNMPc find 'Dir' entry in WIN.INI?
  • Daylight Savings Time Change
  • JAVA console won't connect or access denied (
  • Why have my trouble tickets been closed?
  • Why are icon images missing after 7.2.4 update?
  • Buffer Too Small error for Status Polling Variable
  • Error message 'Could Not Create Table XXX' when starting SNMPc OnLine
  • Telnet menu doesn't work in Windows 7 or above
  • Why are some nodes shown as down when I can ping them?
  • SNMP node polls fail after working for some time
  • Why aren't Notice and Info syslog messages showing up in SNMPc?
  • How do I configure SNMPv3?
  • Is SNMPc affected by the Log4j vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228)?