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Castle Rock Computing adds Geographic Mapping to SNMPc 10 Network Manager

Saratoga, CA, November 1, 2016

Castle Rock Computing announces the addition of Web Mapping Service (WMS) geographic mapping capabilities for version 10 of the SNMPc Network Manager, including geographic device discovery, custom network map layout and active mapping of vehicle embedded devices. WMS support is available in the SNMPc Windows remote console and SNMPc OnLine Web based interface.

SNMPc 10 supports a new Geographic Map View object that can be used to simultaneously display multiple high level world or country views, as well as more localized or campus environments. Depending on the viewing zoom level, devices that are physically close together are intelligently merged into single group icons or displayed individually. This allows customers to view Global, Campus or building based networks all within the same interface.

Along with IP address based hierarchical network layout, SNMPc 10 will now place any discovered objects that include Position Location Information (PLI) onto a dynamic geographical map, giving users the ability to view their discovered network using logical or physical display options. Icons can also be placed manually on geographic map views with SNMPc 10 parsing the physical address or coordinates.

OEM customers can deliver active mapping of devices embedded in trucks, ships or other vehicles. A sample translation interface module is provided that allows developers to readily integrate any location notification protocol.

Castle Rock Computing will provide a limited use map service for retail users with valid maintenance. Additionally, premise installed services are supported, including OpenStreetMap, NASA World Wind, and Amazon AWS marketplace preconfigured servers.

SNMPc 10 will be available from January 2017 for a suggested retail price of $12,500. Please email sales@snmpc.com for more details.