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Case Studies

Firefighting with SNMPc
Our key drivers included understanding network issues during and outside of office hours through alerting, monitoring how bandwidth is being utilised in order to reduce infrastructure costs and looking for spikes in traffic to trace where it is coming from. We quickly found that SNMPc from Castle Rock provided a solution in all of these areas and no other product could touch it for price and functionality. [read more...]

Police Force Invests in Network Management Solution
“Previously to the network upgrades, we relied on users calling the help desk to advise us of problems on the network. With such an investment, user expectations were rightfully high and it was clear that we needed to improve our management capabilities. All servers are based at our head office site, so in the event of WAN links going down it could create some serious problems.” [read more...]

MTV Europe amplifies network performance with SNMPc
“Over time it became clear that our reactive approach to the network infrastructure was tying up too many critical members of staff in the fire fighting process. We were spending too many man-hours just trying to locate the point of failure in the network infrastructure, never mind the repairs. We decided that we needed an enterprise management tool that would not only enable us to monitor our critical systems 24/7 but without constant manual intervention and without tying up more staff to run the system.” [read more...]

Mercy Ships uses SNMPC to monitor Hospital Ship Network
Castle Rock Computing announces that global charity Mercy Ships will be using SNMPc to monitor the networks both onboard its fleet of hospital ships and at its Headquarters in Garden Valley, Texas. [read more...]