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Mercy Ships uses SNMPC to monitor Hospital Ship Network

Mercy Ship

SARATOGA, CA, October 28th, 2002, Castle Rock Computing announces that global charity Mercy Ships will be using SNMPc to monitor the networks both onboard its fleet of hospital ships and at its Headquarters in Garden Valley, Texas.

Mercy Ships owns and operates a growing fleet of hospital ships bringing hope and healing to the world's most poor and needy in port cities around the world. The crews take physical and spiritual healing to the poor and needy.

Since 1978, Mercy Ships has treated more than 200,000 people in village medical and dental clinics, performed 8,000 medical surgeries and 100,000 dental treatments. Mercy Ships has also provided more than $25 million worth of medical equipment, hospital supplies and medicines to developing nations and completed over 250 construction and agriculture projects. Since its founding, Mercy Ships has visited more than 900 ports worldwide.

Mercy Ship Carribean Mercy

The dedicated crew and staff consist of singles, couples and entire families. Volunteers contribute their time, raise their own support and actually pay to work on board. This allows contributed goods and finances to go directly to helping the needy.

As Mercy Ships has grown in size, the need to maintain data systems has become vital. Maintaining a viable worldwide network is critical to the operation and after an evaluation period Mercy Ships found SNMPc from Castle Rock Computing was exactly the product they were looking for.

Michael Mattox, Network Administrator for Mercy Ships explains more, “Our International Operations Center in Texas is on a large campus like setting. Using SNMPc’s long-term statistical trending feature we can monitor the local network and manage the capacity of our critical international connections. The proactive network alarming pinpoints exactly where network hotspots and problems are. Therefore we spend less time firefighting the network and more time proactively managing. We are also installing SNMPc on the ships and linking all the system together using the inbuilt domain management feature.”

SNMPc from Castle Rock Computing is a secure, distributed network management system designed to monitor the network infrastructure including routers, switches, servers, web sites and application availability. It features support for the secure management protocol, SNMP v3, unparalleled ease of use and versions for both small and large networks. Over 100,000 copies of SNMPc have been shipped.

Website: www.mercyships.org