About Castle Rock

Customer Testimonials

Kyle Whittle - North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue
“Our key drivers included understanding network issues during and outside of office hours through alerting, monitoring how bandwidth is being utilised in order to reduce infrastructure costs and looking for spikes in traffic to trace where it is coming from. We quickly found that SNMPc from Castle Rock provided a solution in all of these areas and no other product could touch it for price and functionality.”

Michael Innocentini - Ticketmaster
“SNMPc Enterprise Edition’s polling feature allows us to verify the availability and reachability of critical network components resulting in increased uptime/network availability.

The ability to create notification groups and generate alarms based upon specific circumstances allows us to focus our attention based upon specific issues. The tightly integrated remote console option has greatly reduced calls to our central helpdesk by allowing IT field staff to monitor devices directly.”

Stewart Dunn - Telewest
“Telewest Broadband have deployed Castle Rock SNMPc nationally for the last 2 years to manage, investigate and rectify their HSI (High speed internet) customer base. This base is 192,000 units and growing. SNMPc has proved its worth many times over and is highly valued both at a NOC and field operations level.”

Michael Mattox - Mercy Ships
“SNMPc’s proactive network alarming pinpoints exactly where network hotspots and problems are. Therefore we spend less time firefighting the network and more time proactively managing.”

Chris LyonDNS Network Services
“The pure SNMP network focus of the product keeps it as one of the 'must have' tools for managing an extended LAN/MAN/WAN Environment.”

Maga HegdeMRV Communications
“SNMP v1 should not be used in a security sensitive network so we have implemented SNMP v3 in our devices. SNMPc provides comprehensive SNMP v3 support and is a great tool to validate and manage SNMP v3 agents. The technical support and assistance we have received from Castle Rock has been excellent. I believe for the price SNMPc is the best NMS product.”

Mark BakerCanadian Broadcasting Corporation
“On large networks central polling EMS products can assume substantial bandwidth, a domain polling system is much more efficient, as well the distributed domain pollers have smaller poll cycles, which makes them more spontaneous, and offer better more efficient event notification.

Our organization also depends on demand services where switched virtual circuits can be polled for activity/no activity and SNMPc has a good mechanism for these functions. This product also comes with all services bundled under one component and does not need add on/third party expansion. I have endorsed this product for its flexibility and cost models and will continue to do so.”

Doug Elsley, ITSM Product Manager - Touchpaper Software plc.
“As a manufacturer of leading IT Service Management software, Touchpaper was looking for a best-of-breed OEM partner to provide device management, scalability and the security of SNMP V3. After thoroughly researching the network management marketplace, Touchpaper found Castle Rock's Network Manager software to be the clear winner.

Castle Rock's depth of knowledge in the network arena is extremely impressive. With our OEM agreement in place, we are confident that we can now offer our customers the very best in network management functionality.”

Essential SNMP by Douglas R. Mauro, Kevin J. Schmidt
“Contains everything you need to get an NMS up and running in your environment. Price is very reasonable, and it's loaded with features. [...] Ideal for shops that don't have a lot of money to spend on an NMS platform but need the support and backing that a commercial product provides.”

David Jones - MTV Europe
“MTV Europe scoured the market for an enterprise management solution that incorporated hardware and software monitoring, automated alerts and alarms, flexible trend analysis and ultimately proactive network management capabilities. Ultimately none could match the price and performance that was presented by Castle Rock Computing.”

Ted Williams - Volcano Telecom
“By deploying SNMPc we are instantly alerted to problems on the network which we would never have been aware of before. The distributed console feature means that our engineers can even manage the network remotely from home.”