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Castle Rock Computing adds Web Reporting to SNMPc 9 Network Manager

Saratoga, CA, February 1, 2014

Castle Rock Computing announced a new bundling strategy for version 9 of the SNMPc Network Manager that merges the SNMPc Enterprise Management Platform and SNMPc OnLine Web Reporting module. SNMPc users can now enjoy a full featured Windows console and Web based interface in one easy to install package.

SNMPc 9 also adds new Multicast Management and Syslog Monitoring capabilities.

Multicast networks are now used extensively in Enterprise and Government networks to deliver media rich and business critical services. SNMPc 9 addresses the complex management challenges of delivering these service offerings by automatically discovering and mapping individual Multicast groups. Being able to view a group distribution as a series of sources and network connections provides the network manager with critical understanding and clarity when resolving issues.

Once the Multicast Group and sources have been mapped, alerts are automatically configured to provide an immediate notification should any Multicast Source become unresponsive or stop delivering data. Network wide multicast reports such as the Top Multicast Interfaces are collected and presented via the web interface. The automated multicast monitoring and alerting in SNMPc 9 minimizes service interruption and delivers succinct views of potentially complex topologies.

SNMPc 9 includes support for Syslog event messaging. With support by equipment vendors and applications across the networking spectrum SysLog delivers in-depth event and security messaging alerts that can surpass many other options such as SNMP Traps. SNMPc 9 supports both filtering and alerting capabilities so critical syslog messages can be recognized and proactively responded to before users are impacted.

SNMPc 9 Network Manager is available immediately for a suggested retail price of $9,500 including updates and support for one year. Please email sales@snmpc.com for more details.