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New Management Products from Castle Rock Computing

SARATOGA, CA., November 1, 1998 – Castle Rock Computing announced today the SNMPc 5.0 network management platform for Windows 95, 98 and NT4.0. SNMPc 5.0 uses all 32bit technology and is fully year 2000 compliant. SNMPc 5.0 is available in compatible Workgroup and Enterprise editions that replace the SNMPc 4.0 and SNMPc NT products, respectively.

SNMPc 5.0 uses a modular architecture that is scalable from small to very large networks. Servers maintain configuration databases, perform event actions, and generate scheduled reports. Polling Agents discover network topology, poll device status, save historical statistics, and generate alarms. Consoles provide the user interface for servers and polling agents. SNMPc 5.0 components can be deployed in a variety of scenarios, including workgroup, domain, and manager-of-managers configurations.

Besides its distributed architecture, SNMPc 5.0 incorporates a wide variety of advanced management features. These features include WEB performance reporting; ODBC database export; real-time tabular and graphical displays; event actions; MIB import; device specific GUIs; RMON support; custom menus; pager/email notification; and a DLL based API.

SNMPc 5.0 is compatible with SNMPc 4.0 third party applications, including Cisco System’s CiscoWorks for Windows.