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SNMPc 6.0 from Castle Rock Computing delivers important new features for Management Service Providers and Enterprise Customers.

New release adds support for multiple customer networks with overlapping IP addresses, unattended server operation and improved ease of use through a redesigned menu system.

Saratoga, CA, March 24th, 2003
Castle Rock Computing, a leading supplier of Network Management software for Windows, today announced the release of SNMPc 6.0, the latest version of its leading network management system.

New Features for Management Service Providers

SNMPc 6.0 addresses a Management Service Providers (MSP) need to manage multiple customer networks with overlapping private IP address ranges from a single server.

“The distributed polling technology of SNMPc Enterprise 6.0 allows an MSP to use one server to manage multiple customer networks even if those customers are using the same IP address ranges,Ă® explained VP Sales John Maytum. ìCustomers are provided with a secure login to view their own network status and trend reports. By managing multiple customers from a single server an MSP can realize considerable cost savings and reduce network complexity”

Unattended Server Operation

SNMPc Enterprise 6.0 now operates as a Windows Service for improved security and operational reliability. This provides the ability for SNMPc to run in a secure unattended server location. Users without proper authorization cannot stop or control management services. In the event of an expected system reboot management services are automatically restarted.

Improved Management for Routers, Switches, Servers and Cisco Devices

SNMPc’s management menu system has been redesigned for improved ease of use and support of additional devices. SNMPc 6.0 includes management for Windows and Unix Servers monitoring key variables such as CPU and Disk Space. Statistics can be monitored in real time or as part of a long-term trending analysis. Thresholds can be set so network administrators are notified by email or pager when problems occur. Other new additions to the menu system include Cisco performance metrics.

Sean Wachob, VP Engineering, explained “We have been working closely with customers to identify the key metrics they need to manage their network infrastructure. Our new menu system reflects those findings and delivers to customers the most efficient way of managing devices such as Routers, Switches, Servers and Cable Modems”.

Price and availability

Castle Rock Computing will begin shipping SNMPc 6.0 on April 7th 2003.

SNMPc Workgroup 6.0 is a single user version for managing small to medium networks and is available for a U.S. list price of $995.

SNMPc Enterprise is the base system for a distributed multi user management system and is available for a US list price of $2950.

Free upgrades to SNMPc 6.0 are available to anyone with a valid service agreement. A free 30-day evaluation version of SNMPc 6.0 is available from www.castlerock.com.

About Castle Rock Computing Inc.

Founded in 1987, Castle Rock Computing is totally focused on delivering market leading secure Network Management software. Our products allow a customer to visualize, monitor and pro-actively manage their entire network infrastructure.

With both Workgroup and Enterprise versions available Castle Rock Computing products scale to monitor any network, regardless of size or complexity.

Over 100,000 systems have been shipped, making SNMPc one of the leading network management systems.

SNMPc is available directly from Castle Rock Computing or through our global network of distributors, resellers and OEMs. More information can be found at www.castlerock.com.