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Castle Rock Computing Expands Remote Access and Polling Capabilities

Saratoga, CA, September 19, 2007

Castle Rock Computing announced the release of the SNMPc 7.1 Network Management System. SNMPc 7.1 supports a larger number of remote users and remote polling agents in the base system and provides expanded polling capabilities through the use of custom applications or scripts.

SNMPc 7.1 Enterprise now supports up to ten Remote Polling Agents, ten Windows Console logins, and unlimited JAVA Consoles in the base edition. This new architecture provides a more complete and cost effective solution for management of medium to large sized enterprises. For situations requiring a larger number of polling systems and user logins, such as for Management Service Providers, the optional Remote Access Extension license provides unlimited remote access.

SNMPc 7.1 includes facilities for extended polling using customer developed applications or scripts. Custom polling can be used for polling older legacy systems that do not support SNMP or even IP protocols. By performing a detailed analysis of network status, custom polling applications can also provide more information to management staff about root problem causes and suggested remedial actions. The custom polling feature uses a new Quality of Service metric that can monitor issues related to performance degradation, rather than just device failures.

SNMPc 7.1 also includes a number of new utilities that can be used from any scripting language to develop script based applications. The use of scripting instead of a full programming language can greatly simplify development of custom application suites and integration with existing management environments. Custom scripts can be executed on trap reception, when you double-click a map icon, from custom menus, and as custom polling applications.

The new scripting commands perform a variety of common functions such as device SNMP operations, and the query and configuration of SNMPc map data. The source files for all custom scripting commands are included with SNMPc 7.1.

SNMPc 7.1 is available immediately. Please see the How to Buy page at www.castlerock.com for pricing and purchasing options.