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SNMPc 8 adds Internet Protocol Version 6 support

Saratoga, CA June 23, 2011

Castle Rock Computing announced the immediate availability of the SNMPc 8 network management system with support for Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) addressing.

As the Internet has enjoyed explosive growth since its inception the availability of new internet addresses in the IPv4 addressing scheme has now been completely exhausted. Although existing ISPs still have preallocated blocks of addresses, support for growth and new ISPs can only be satisfied with IPv6 addresses. The deployment of IPv6 addressing within corporate network architectures will therefore become more widespread in the very near future.

Devices supporting IPv4, IPv6, or a mix of both addressing schemes, can now be fully managed using SNMPc 8, ensuring a smooth transition for network administrators to this new technology.

SNMPc is available through a global network of distributors, resellers, and OEMs. Please see the How to Buy page at www.castlerock.com for purchasing options.