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Castle Rock Computing announces SNMPc OnLine

New web based dashboard interface for SNMPc Enterprise allows network managers to monitor their end-to-end network infrastructure from any internet connected system.

Saratoga, CA, March 14th, 2005

Castle Rock Computing announces the introduction of SNMPc OnLine 2005. SNMPc OnLine is an add-on module for the companyís SNMPc Enterprise Network Management System. It delivers a unified web based reporting front end for network statistics, alerts and node information regardless of network size.

SNMPc OnLine provides “out of the box” automated collection and presentation of pre-canned reports that deliver key network metrics regardless of vendor or geographic location. Seamless dashboard style web pages cover SLA metrics such as availability and latency, device types such as routers, switches and servers, and vendor specific information for manufacturers including Cisco.


In addition to the presentation and summary of network performance, SNMPc OnLine also integrates with SNMPc Enterpriseís comprehensive alarming system. This includes the ability to monitor and parse SNMP alerts. The integrated view of data reporting and alert collection on a single console greatly simplifies the task of proactively monitoring todayís heterogeneous network environments.

Using a simple Graphical User Interface, SNMPc OnLine users can easily design or adapt customized report views. A wide variety of graphs, charts and reporting styles are offered. Building a custom front end enables network managers to deliver personalized content to everyone in the organization who needs it. From the same platform CTOís can view high-level reports of network service levels while regional engineers use detailed diagnostic reports to troubleshoot network problems.

SNMPc OnLine also provides the flexibility to monitor vendor specific management data. Sean Wachob, VP of Engineering, commented, “While we have spent a lot of time designing pre-canned reports for key network metrics, we recognize that every userís network is unique. SNMPc OnLine lets you monitor any variable from any SNMP enabled device. This delivers a vendor independent future proof solution to the customer”.

The addition of SNMPc OnLine module allows Castle Rock Computing to deliver a single source network management solution capable of scaling from as few as fifty devices to tens of thousands. SNMPc OnLine will be available on April 14th and is priced at $2795. A free 30 day evaluation version will be available from www.castlerock.com.