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SNMPc OnLine 2009 includes free Express Edition

Saratoga, CA, June 1, 2009

Castle Rock Computing announced the introduction of SNMPc OnLine 2009, which now includes a free Express Edition. SNMPc OnLine is an add-on module for the companyís SNMPc Network Management System. It delivers a unified web based reporting front end for network statistics, alerts and node information. The free Express Edition supports 2000 report objects per SNMP table. The 2009 release also adds new features that simplify configuration tasks and enhance usability.

Interactive Graphical Map Views

SNMPc OnLine 2009 automatically imports and displays all SNMPc Enterprise topology map views, including real-time display and update of network element status. Graphical map views can be zoomed and panned using button or mouse commands and allow navigation to different network areas or node specific report views. Additionally, the Microsoft VisioÆ drawing application can be used to create highly customized graphical map representations.

Simplified Report Configuration

SNMPc OnLine now uses the SNMPc Node Grouping facility to quickly create reports for subsets of related devices. As new devices are added to the SNMPc map they can be associated with one or more node groups and are automatically added to any reports for the selected groups. For example, reports can be created for Core Routers, Branch Routers, Printers, and so on. Using node grouped reporting helps management staff to concentrate on different areas of responsibility.

Scheduled Email Report Delivery

Any SNMPc OnLine report page, including network overview, performance reports, node detail reports, and customized dashboard views, can now be automatically emailed to a list of recipients on a scheduled basis. This feature can be used to provide high level reporting to network users or senior managers without the need for system access or training.

SNMPc OnLine Overview

SNMPc OnLine provides ëout of the boxí automated collection and presentation of pre-canned reports that deliver key network metrics such as availability and latency, device types such as routers, switches and servers. SNMPc OnLine also provides the flexibility to monitor any vendor specific management data.

SNMPc OnLine also integrates with the SNMPc alarm system, including the ability to monitor SNMP alerts. The integrated view of data reporting and alert collection on a single console greatly simplifies the task of proactively monitoring todayís heterogeneous network environments.

Using a simple Graphical User Interface, SNMPc OnLine users can easily design or adapt customized report views. A wide variety of graphs, charts and reporting styles are offered. Building a custom front end enables network managers to deliver personalized content to everyone in the organization who needs it.

The new automation features in SNMPc OnLine greatly reduce the time needed to install and use the system. SNMPc OnLine 2009 will be available in July as an add-on to SNMPc Enterprise and priced at $6,995, or bundled with SNMPc Enterprise for $10,995. A free 60 day evaluation version can be downloaded from www.castlerock.com. After the evaluation period expires SNMPc OnLine will continue to operate as a 2000 object limit Express Edition, free of charge.