SNMPc OnLine

NetFlow®, sFlow®, & IPFIX Network Statistics

SNMPc OnLine supports a broad suite of application monitoring technologies including NetFlow, SFlow, JFlow and IPFIX. An intuitive front end delivers in-depth understanding of network traffic, application usage and user traffic flows.

Utilizing NetFlow and sFlow enabled switches and routers in the network from manufacturers including Cisco, HP, Juniper and Allied Telesyn, SNMPc OnLine delivers network wide traffic insight without requiring the overhead of deploying separate hardware probes.

Benefits of NetFlow type technologies include:

  • Monitoring which applications are utilizing bandwidth on the network.
  • Tracking server usage and access requirements
  • Identifying network usage of non-business applications and websites
  • Creating baseline traffic profiles for modeling and capacity planning
  • Intrusion detection
  • Application License Compliance


Net Flow