SNMPc OnLine

Visio® Graphics Support

Network managers can use SNMPc OnLine and Microsoft Visio® to create a graphical representation of their network infrastructure, presenting a highly customized management interface from any web browser.

Companies which currently use Visio to document their network infrastructure can quickly create a highly customized representation of their managed network by directly importing existing Visio diagrams into SNMPc OnLine. Network managers will also benefit from the many included symbol types and the extensive drawing capabilities of the Visio application when creating new network drawings. Visio stencils, templates and drawings are available from many network device vendors and third party developers.

The use of Visio drawings is fully integrated into the SNMPc monitoring and management paradigm. SNMPc OnLine changes the color of Visio symbols to represent the status of associated devices, links and networks. Each symbol can also be clicked on to drill down into other Visio drawings or to display a detailed node information page. Visio diagrams can be shown as full page displays or as part of custom “dashboard” collections including network, event and report views.